Results-Driven Online Marketing

How do you stand out when people have the world in the palm of their hands? Show them something really interesting. At Noisy Trumpet, we work to plan and implement strategic campaigns to help your company reach new consumers and preserve existing relationships. No matter the platform, our results-driven digital marketing campaigns work to achieve your goals

Digital Tactics That Move The Needle

Paid Search

What are your customers searching for? Our certified PPC and Google Ads experts help identify the keywords that drive website traffic and develop compelling ads that generate online conversions.

Native and Display

We create compelling and dynamic online ads that reach audiences with targeting based on the content they view most often, the places they visit, the ways they’ve engaged with your business and more.

Video & Connected TV

More than half of all online traffic comes from video streaming today. Broadcast your message online and across streaming platforms to build brand awareness, drive website traffic and deliver remarketing messages to your audience.

Digital Audio & Podcasts

Don’t run an ad in drive-time and hope your audience is listening. Target select groups of listeners and catch their ears during their favorite true crime mysteries or workout playlists, then measure any actions they take on your website.

Email Marketing

How effective are your emails? Email marketing is still highly effective at generating repeat sales and retaining customers. From newsletters to surveys and audience activation campaigns, let us help you get your message out.

SMS Marketing

The most viewed media source people use today are their phones. Using text message marketing campaigns, we can send personalized promotional messages at key times to drive sales, solicit feedback and improve customer retention.


Search engine algorithms change often. Are you up to date? Making sure your website works isn’t all that we do – we want to make sure people get there, too. We combine on page SEO tactics with local SEO best practices to improve your online visibility.

Audience Research

Are you reaching the right audience? We help provide insights into your current audiences, research and identify new segments, and tap into the needs and motivations that drive their decision making.

Data & Analytics

Make data-driven decisions for your organization through comprehensive analytics to improve decision-making, predict consumer behavior and determine ROI’s.

Ad creative & design

From display ads to video content, our strategically crafted digital advertisements are customized for each platform and placement to drive conversions.


Shooting audio or visual video content for ad development on various digital platforms such as CTV, OTT, Youtube, Native, and Meta to grow engagement and create shareable content

Strategy & consultation

We advise clients on emerging digital marketing strategies and tactics that enhance their websites and digital channels to produce new business and generate sales.


Integrating CTV (Connected TV) advertising services to present ads on internet devices such as TV shows, movies, or gaming systems.


Offering OTT (Over-the-top) advertising services as a means to publish ads on the internet or sell a product or service on streaming devices such as Hulu, YouTube, etc.


Our Work

Digital Marketing


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