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TEXAS YES Project is a nonprofit organization built on the idea that by providing our students with quality supplies and resources in the classroom we can help them achieve long term academic success. Since 1998, the educational nonprofit has supplied students and teachers at Title 1 schools with school supply kits, STEAM development grants, and more. 

In 2021, TEXAS YES partnered with Noisy Trumpet to assess their online presence and identify potential avenues for growth. With four different WordPress sites all being operated independently, a major issue they faced was a lack of brand consistency and recognition across their websites, posing various challenges. Uploading content individually to each website led to delays and inconsistent publishing schedules. This inconsistency extended to website usability, causing confusion and dissatisfaction among customers using multiple divisions’ sites. The management of multiple websites, each with distinct themes, plugins, and updates, proved to be cumbersome and time consuming.


Our team decided to transition to a WordPress Multisite platform based on its scalability, user-friendly interface, and strong plugin ecosystem. A unified, responsive theme was created, incorporating the company’s branding, colors, and typography across all websites. A standardized content structure and taxonomy were implemented, simplifying content categorization. Through a centralized dashboard, content creators and administrators could manage all subsidiaries’ content simultaneously. 

Central management of core plugins and updates ensured consistent features and security measures across all websites. A user-friendly navigation system with cross-linking capabilities was also integrated, facilitating easy navigation between subsidiary websites. To streamline content sharing, a custom plugin was developed to automate distribution to relevant divisions based on predefined categories. 


Following the transition to a WordPress Multisite, TEXAS YES has experienced the following improvements:

  • Enhanced brand unity and cohesion
  • An increase in traffic of more than 21,386 visits
  • Elevated performance score, progressing from 60 to 90
  • Improved user experience, leading to a 10% decrease in bounce rate

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