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Noisy Trumpet Announces New Client Yolo TX

Jul 10, 2017

Just because the Republic of Texas is filled with rolling hills and highway for miles doesn’t mean there isn’t a limitless potential for fun and adventure. Here at Noisy Trumpet, we believe in Texas exploration just as we believe in our new client YOLO TX, a television show produced by Quarter Moon Productions.

YOLO TX follows talent as they travel across the lone star state searching far and wide for unique activities, rare opportunities, yearly or seasonal events, and little-known jewels off the beaten path of typical Texas leisure routes. From strawberry festivals to rope courses, YOLO TX covers it all. Noisy Trumpet is especially excited for the opportunity to promote YOLO TX and help them to engage with fellow Texans across the state. “We strongly believe that YOLO TX is an eye-opening experience for viewers,” said one of the show’s executive producers, “there’s a lot of people who like to enjoy the same old activities merely because they think there’s nothing else to do.” He added. “Little do they know there are hours of adventure just a short car ride away! We just really want to open people’s eyes and help them to engage with the community.”

Even a lot of the on-screen talent has enjoyed shooting the show. “From comedy clubs to underground caverns, there’s just so much more to do than I thought!” The fun doesn’t stop there. YOLO TX is committed to addressing all interests of Texans in our community, including the all-important process of eating. YOLO TX has searched far and wide for the best restaurants, bars, bistros, and recipes in the land. They are confident that they may have uncovered some diamonds in the rough. Stay tuned for YOLO TX, they are sure to expand your horizons if you live in or near the grand state of Texas!

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