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APA and Noisy Trumpet Knock Out National Payroll Week Campaign

Nov 23, 2020

For many of us, our paycheck arrives weekly or biweekly, but have you ever thought about the payroll professionals that make sure you get paid on time? As we try to navigate the current pandemic, this has become more important than ever.

Every year, The American Payroll Association conducts more than 300 payroll training conferences and seminars across the country and publishes a complete library of resource texts and newsletters. APA and Noisy Trumpet team up every September to launch a campaign to promote “National Payroll Week.” This digital campaign aims to capture survey data and offer tools to the everyday employee looking to make the most out of their paychecks. The best part is that every participant is entered to win a paycheck and a dream vacation getaway!

For this project, we worked alongside our sister agency, The PM Group, to secure spots on national television networks such as CNN and Fox Business, as well as print ads in The New York Times and USA Today. Noisy Trumpet’s digital team worked to create a holistic digital strategy to drive awareness and conversions. For this campaign, we ran ads across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube resulting in nearly 4 million impressions. Our team also utilized native ads for a seamless ad experience to reach people no matter where they were including high profile websites such as The Food Network, Good Housekeeping, and HGTV.

Stay tuned as we work alongside APA to create highly targeted campaigns in 2021 for National Payroll Week! Are you a nonprofit looking to drive traffic and awareness towards your cause? We want you to #BeHeard! We’re just one call, follow, like, retweet, or DM away!