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The Top Marketing & PR Campaigns of 2017

Dec 19, 2017

As we look back, 2017 consisted of many powerful marketing and PR campaigns – ones that have helped grow brands by touching on universal truths that resonate with their audiences. As marketers, it’s no surprise we admire when a campaign hits the mark. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites of the year.


Force of Nature

Combining nature and female empowerment in retail was not something on consumers’ radar in 2017. But, when outdoor company REI dropped Force of Nature, people were pleasantly surprised by the amazing storytelling campaign about a woman’s place in the wild.

Dilly Dilly!

Whose power, creativity and humor has the whole nation shouting “DILLY DILLY”? Bud Light, that’s who. This newly prominent catchphrase caught like wildfire and is worth admiring. In fact, this campaign was successful enough to present a sequel ad. Bud Light even went as far as sending a cease-and-desist scroll via town crier to a Minneapolis brewing company to protect their campaign’s individuality.

Strange Mode

Experiential marketing has been on the rise in recent years as marketers realize the importance of audience involvement. However, Lyft’s partnership with Netflix took it to another level — a “stranger” one. In partnership with the hit series Stranger Things, Lyft users got a chance to visit the Upside Down on the day of Stanger Things’ season premiere.

Fearless Girl

One of 2017’s most well-known campaigns was surprisingly the brainchild of a financial firm. State Street Global Advisers placed a bronze statue of a girl in power pose standing in front of the iconic Wall Street bull. The firm’s goal was to advocate for more female leadership – as a result of this creative statement, brought an incredible amount of brand awareness to the firm.

While the average consumer remembers the campaigns that made them laugh or cry, it is our due diligence as marketers to analyze what made these campaigns work so well. At Noisy Trumpet, we break down what brands have done right or wrong to help us become better at what we love doing.