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JDRF One Walk

Nov 20, 2022

Noisy Trumpet was out in the community this month supporting and participating in JDRF’s annual “One Walk.” Our team walked alongside a crowd of participants in the pursuit of raising funds for and heightening awareness of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), a disease that hits close to home for our Noisy Trumpet family. 

The Noisy Trumpet family was affected by T1D in May 2020 when our CEO, Fran Yanity’s daughter, received the diagnosis. Our company rapidly chose JDRF as its charity of choice in support of Leighton and the search for a cure. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes have increased by 30% in the US, and occurrences of the disease are more common in children and young adults. Although there are no vacation days from T1D and a cure has yet to be found, there continues to be overwhelming hope.

We’re so proud to have supported One Walk through the V1P sponsorship. As a part of our sponsorship, we held a festive breakfast with the theme “Be Heard”, where we had food, noise makers, props and more to help make noise in support of T1D awareness. Together, our team was able to raise $23,826 to help JDRF continue its mission of finding a cure for T1D.  However, our support of JDRF didn’t stop there. Noisy Trumpet’s public relations team secured media coverage in outlets such as News 4 San Antonio, FOX San Antonio, and KSAT to help raise awareness for the event and engage the community.

Our team remains grateful to work with an organization that we are passionate about, and to share in the efforts of achieving life-changing goals. To learn more about T1D or to support JDRF, visit JDRF.org.