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Noisy Trumpet Recognized By PRSA For Best Creative Tactics Campaign

Nov 4, 2021

Each year, PRSA San Antonio recognizes outstanding campaigns produced by public relations professionals and their respective agencies. This year, Noisy Trumpet had the honor of being recognized with the “El Bronce Award of Excellence” for its efforts boosting awareness and membership for the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA). 


The “El Bronce Awards” celebrates the best of the best in the tactics through categories reflecting scope, creativity, and the importance of strategic public relations. 


The goal of SAMA’s Awareness and Membership campaign was twofold – first to raise general awareness of the Museum and second to grow its membership program to increase the number of engaged members. 

For this twofold approach to work, the agency launched an Awareness campaign. It included a soft CTA focused on building the foundation and increasing understanding of the Museum. The  team then combined traditional and digital media which told the story of a visit to SAMA from visitors’ points of view. The goal was to bring awareness and remind people  of how the Museum is fun, safe and inspiring. The Membership campaign followed the Awareness campaign.


The success of the campaign was measured by the following results:

  • The direct mail campaign saved SAMA over $1,200, allowing the remaining budget to be used for  digital media, in order to extend messaging and reach new audiences.
  • SAMA membership soared with more than 200 new members 
  • The direct mail response rate spiked with  a 61% increase from the previous year’s campaign. 

Noisy Trumpet is always actively vetting opportunities to further highlight the successes of our client campaigns. Is your organization looking for the best creative tactics to drive further awareness and reach your target audience? We can help! We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet, and DM away!