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Office of the President Mid-Year Update

Jul 26, 2021

Here we are in August and it’s hard to believe we are over halfway through 2021 already! While it’s been a busy ride, I couldn’t be happier with the direction our agencies are heading.

The Economy is Bustling

The economic energy in San Antonio and throughout Texas is palpable. Everywhere you look, there is a new development, burgeoning industries, expanding talent, and opportunities. I believe the future has never been brighter! The San Antonio business community is booming with excitement and optimism.

What we are hearing and seeing is that people and businesses are looking forward, wanting to propel their companies higher and they have larger goals than ever before!  The PM Group and Noisy Trumpet Digital & PR have both seen a flurry of new business activity, new bids, RFPs, and direct inquiries for services. We are on pace for another record year in 2021.

The Right Talent Is Available

With this surge in agency growth, challenges often come on the talent side of the business. Our agencies have actively expanded our hiring in 2021, adding multiple new positions in various areas of our business and affiliated companies. While talent sourcing is often challenging, both Noisy Trumpet and The PM Group have found there are plenty of talented, dedicated, eager folks looking for the right opportunity to grow with us. The ones actively reaching out, networking and making themselves known to us are the types of go-getters we want!

Now Is the Time

With all of these factors merging, now is the time for businesses to forge ahead, not with worry but with optimism and excitement. There will always be factors beyond our control, but this burst of economic energy is unparalleled in our recent lifetimes. It’s time to take advantage of the elements in play to seize the business opportunities available and reach new heights!

Fran Yanity

President | Chief Executive Officer

This post was originally published on The PM Group Newswire.