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The Value of One Earned Media Impression

Jan 5, 2023

Earned media public relations campaigns are measured by the number of impressions made over the course of the campaign window. More impressions mean more people reached and better results generated for the client. The value of one single impression doesn’t sound like much …until you hear this story.

Noisy Trumpet has the privilege of representing JDRF in San Antonio and Austin. JDRF is the leading nonprofit spearheading awareness, advocacy, and research for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), an incurable and unpreventable autoimmune disease often affecting children. The highs and lows of this disease wreak havoc on families and the person living with T1D; T1D can be fatal.

In early November, JDRF held their annual OneWalk at Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio. Thousands of people attended the walk to show support for those living with T1D. Leading up to the event, the Noisy Trumpet PR team worked diligently to secure earned media coverage to raise awareness of the event, including a live news shot the morning of the walk on KSAT(ABC).

An amazing and inspiring story emerged from that on-site news story.


At OneWalk, a participant approached Amanda Mounts, Executive Director of the San Antonio Chapter of JDRF, and shared that she was currently fostering a child with T1D. The child had been moved from home to home because caregivers did not know how to properly care for him.

On November 6, the morning of OneWalk, the woman was watching the news and saw KSAT’s live shot of the event. She was immediately inspired to gather her family and attend the walk that day. There, she was able to engage with others in the T1D community and find resources for her foster child. She was met with open arms, resources, and inspiration. As she chatted with Amanda that morning, she remarked that she ‘now knows what to do to care for her foster child’ thanks to JDRF.

Interestingly, foster children with T1D are often moved around from home to home, even to medical facilities like nursing homes because caregivers do not know how to care for diabetic children whose ups and downs affect quality of life for the whole family. Re-engaging with the foster community to share support and resources is now a renewed focus for JDRF in San Antonio.

While OneWalk-San Antonio garnered over 4.5 million impressions in media coverage, one impression is all it took to change and save a life!

If you’d like to see how media coverage can support your organization’s mission, please contact us today to learn more!