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Top 3 Advertising Trends Featured in the 2024 Super Bowl Ads

Feb 16, 2024

The Super Bowl goes beyond simple sports fandom, captivating not only enthusiasts but also advertisers eager to make a lasting impression. Reflecting on Super Bowl 2024, we observed groundbreaking trends that reshaped the advertising landscape. Let’s explore a few standout moments of this year’s Super Bowl season, which showcased not just significant celebrity appearances but also nostalgic references and technological advancements.

  1. Nostalgia

Nostalgia possesses a remarkable ability to evoke deep emotions and foster connections with audiences. Advertisers leveraged this sentiment during the 2024 Super Bowl by tapping into cherished memories over the years. Budweiser’s “Old School Delivery” commercial embodied nostalgia and rekindled its brand identity by reintroducing beloved icons like the Clydesdale horses and loyal dog, weaving themes of community and resilience amidst a snowy backdrop and power outage. Likewise, Volkswagen commemorated 75 years since its U.S. debut with a sentimental advertisement featuring iconic imagery such as the VW Minibus and subtle references to its acclaimed “The Force” Super Bowl ad, alongside a sneak peek of the upcoming electric ID. Buzz minivan. These ads capture the impact nostalgia has in advertising, effectively reestablishing brands’ connections with audiences while celebrating their storied histories.

  1. Celebrity Appearances

Year after year, Super Bowl commercials feature renowned celebrities as part of their advertisement strategy. Brands consistently seek to elevate their ads by enlisting recognizable figures, and this year was no exception. From Beyoncé endorsing Verizon to Michael Cera promoting CeraVe, and a star-studded Dunkin’ Donuts ad featuring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Jack Harlow, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady, the 2024 Super Bowl ads showcased a diverse lineup of well-known personalities. This focus on notable celebrities emphasizes the significance of influencer marketing, highlighting its pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility and credibility.

  1. AI Marketing

In the data-driven realm of contemporary marketing, AI has emerged as a pivotal tool for brands striving to achieve precise audience engagement. The 2024 Super Bowl exemplified this change of direction, with commercials seamlessly integrating AI to redefine interaction. Microsoft’s ad showcased Copilot from Windows 11, playfully suggesting AI’s potential to supplant artists. Google’s Pixel 8 commercial spotlighted Guided Frame, an AI-powered accessibility feature, featuring director Adam Morse and a poignant voice-over by Stevie Wonder. CrowdStrike’s cybersecurity ad, set in the Old West, depicted AI’s swift role in neutralizing cyber threats. These commercials underscored AI’s multifaceted impact, spanning creativity, accessibility, and cybersecurity, predicting a new era in advertising innovation.


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